Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blacksmith Coal

What does a ton of coal look like?

It looks like this plus 5 more sacks that were left in the front of the shop.

We took a trip Saturday to Scrub Oak Forge in DeSoto Missouri. It is one of the storage areas for the BAM coal supply.

The blacksmith lifted this coal 4 times. That's 4 tons times.

First he lifted it into place in the bed of the truck. Arriving home and accidentally locking the keys into the truck, he lifted it onto a trailer. From there he lifted it onto a 2 wheel dolly. He then wheeled it inside the shop
and lifted it into the storage area.

No wonder he slept good that night.

Sorry I forgot the camera on Saturday, I missed some beautiful picture opportunities.


Flat Creek Farm said...

PW says: "old blacksmith + older coal + long day = good night's sleep."

Sara said...

Now is that for blacksmithing or has he got some sort of arrangement with Santa? Timing seems awful suspicious.