Sunday, November 4, 2012

BAM meeting at Phil's

The BAM group met at Phil's shop in Hamilton, Missouri for their November meeting. It was a great turnout.  Over 75 blacksmiths and spouses attended. The weather was beautiful and the hosts were fabulous. 

It was one of the biggest turn outs for the trade item exchange that we have ever had. It was to be a toasting fork, at least 18 inches long.

 Note the two that are standing on a base. 

See the one holding zucchinis.   Guess you have to be a blacksmith in this group to understand why. However today these two were a present for Phil's birthday, courtesy of Karen!

One of the first demonstrators was Ken showing how to use a fly press.

 While the blacksmiths were inside . . . 

  . . . the lunch ladies were outside. (Except for some of the ladies that escaped to Missouri Star quilt shop in town.)

Lunch was Phil's awesome baked beans, chips, grilled hot dogs, toast your own marshmallows,  and lots of desserts. There were 2 chocolate sheet cakes, 2 apple kuchen  and even a chocolate zucchini cake!

The line was long, but went went quickly.

This is why a toasting fork was needed. Roast your own lunch.

Here's our great host, Margie and Phil. He was actually getting some marshmallow off of her face . . .    Right Phil!

After lunch and the business meeting, my blacksmith demonstrated basic building and management of a coal fire in the forge, as there were several new smiths there. He also demonstrated chain making.

It was a awesome day, good weather, good friends, good fellowship, and even some good tail gating going on. Thanks Margie and Phil.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Harper's auction

Saturday was auction day for the late Ed Harper's blacksmith shop. Many of the BAM members came to show their support to his wife and to add to their collections. 

This is a signed wine barrel, that Ed had won. It was a drawing at A & K Cooperage, when they hosted a BAM meeting. Ed even drew his own name out of the hat.

It is now in the hands of another BAM member. Congratulations Doug!

There was quite a collection of items. 

I spy 3 blacksmiths, Preston, Chris, and Bernie. These guys came before the sale date to help set up.

On Saturday the rains came, not what we needed.

Two more blacksmiths, Don and Doug waiting for what they were interested in to come up on the auction.

One blacksmith and his wife, Phil and Margie, go through the many boxes of items.

Ed was one terrific blacksmith. He will be missed.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our future blacksmiths

 Grandson #2 striking for Grandpa.

1 of the 4 of the hooks he forged today.

 Grandsons #1 and #2 working together.

Grand daughter #1 trying her hand with Grandpa's antique grinder.

Then the old guys got back to work!

It was a wonderful autumn day at Old Munichburg 2012!

Monday, September 24, 2012

SOFA 2012 Conference

One of the first things we noticed when we arrived at the conference was a gathering of blacksmiths, a real crowd was collecting. 

When it was all over with 63 anvils were on display. The supplier was Yoder Blacksmith Supply Company of Fredericksburg Ohio. They told us that they left 14 more back at their shop.

A Columbian double horned anvil.

These anvils were brought by Steve of Matchless Antiques, perhaps you've seen his anvils on EBay.

Steve and my blacksmith posed for me. This was after we bought a gallon of the "best" apple cider from Steve.


 More tailgaters.

Still more tailgaters.

 Friday afternoon we went to downtown Tipp City. The blacksmith pointed out this iron work.

Saturday nights demonstration.

This hydraulic tire shrinker was sold on the auction for $290. My blacksmith had a similar one at one time but sold it to a good friend.

 Christopher Thomson was awesome to watch. Here is his web page.

 Susan Hutchison demonstrating.

David Robertson demonstrating.

If you missed the Ohio  conference this year, there's always next year. 

SOFA Gallery 2012 at

Monday, September 17, 2012

Heritage Festival 2012

If you came out and saw us at the Heritage Festival, "Thank You". It was a grand time. 

If perhaps you'd like to purchase something more, just give us a call . . . our phone number is on the business card on the side of the screen. You can also email us . . .that is on the top right side of the  page. We accept pay-pal and will ship anywhere in the good old U S A.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hamilton Steam Engine show 2012

Phil Cox and his wife Margie welcomed a group of  BAM members to the steam engine show. 

Here Bernie is trying out Phil's Depew. Don't let the name fool you, it was "sweet."

Bob Evans made this awesome looking forge. Bernie enjoyed using it, especially after he found the water trough attached.

 AWESOME, Phil can count on his hands the ones he and Sid Suedmeier know about.

Did you know Blacksmiths can fix anything?  Even broken car windows.

Phil gives Ken a quick demonstration.

Ken and Matthew work as a team.

Bernie strikes for Phil.

We saw this in the row of gas engines. Phil might like one of these.

It was dry there too. I could lay my hand in this crack without it touching.

Mike works on a project.

I don't know how the "love shack" ended up in this picture.

Ken, Bernie, and Bob get their spoons ready for the homemade ice cream. Each trying to out do the other one.

Bob and Margie show off their Little Giant Hammer shirts. Sid would be proud of this!

 Some serious work is going on here by Ken and Bill.

Soon the ice cream making was started.  Phil has 2 vintage makers, one dated 1923, the other one was a present to his parents on their wedding.

The eight blacksmiths posed long enough for Margie and I to snap a few pictures.

This video shows Phil's excellent ice cream!

Two young men came with these miniatures. They told us about the blacksmith that made them. Details were unbelievable. They were invited to Phil's meeting in November. If deer season doesn't interfere they will be there.

This knife, well it was a real knife, even sharpened. The frame it is in, is 3 inches by 5 inches. You take off the border and that knife isn't over 2 1/2 inches long. Unbelievable!!!

Visiting was a big part of the day. Many thanks to host Phil and Margie. Nothing better than good friends, good weather and good times. 

Life is good!