Monday, August 20, 2012

Hamilton Steam Engine show 2012

Phil Cox and his wife Margie welcomed a group of  BAM members to the steam engine show. 

Here Bernie is trying out Phil's Depew. Don't let the name fool you, it was "sweet."

Bob Evans made this awesome looking forge. Bernie enjoyed using it, especially after he found the water trough attached.

 AWESOME, Phil can count on his hands the ones he and Sid Suedmeier know about.

Did you know Blacksmiths can fix anything?  Even broken car windows.

Phil gives Ken a quick demonstration.

Ken and Matthew work as a team.

Bernie strikes for Phil.

We saw this in the row of gas engines. Phil might like one of these.

It was dry there too. I could lay my hand in this crack without it touching.

Mike works on a project.

I don't know how the "love shack" ended up in this picture.

Ken, Bernie, and Bob get their spoons ready for the homemade ice cream. Each trying to out do the other one.

Bob and Margie show off their Little Giant Hammer shirts. Sid would be proud of this!

 Some serious work is going on here by Ken and Bill.

Soon the ice cream making was started.  Phil has 2 vintage makers, one dated 1923, the other one was a present to his parents on their wedding.

The eight blacksmiths posed long enough for Margie and I to snap a few pictures.

This video shows Phil's excellent ice cream!

Two young men came with these miniatures. They told us about the blacksmith that made them. Details were unbelievable. They were invited to Phil's meeting in November. If deer season doesn't interfere they will be there.

This knife, well it was a real knife, even sharpened. The frame it is in, is 3 inches by 5 inches. You take off the border and that knife isn't over 2 1/2 inches long. Unbelievable!!!

Visiting was a big part of the day. Many thanks to host Phil and Margie. Nothing better than good friends, good weather and good times. 

Life is good!

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Sugar Bush said...

That looks like a wonderfully fun day! I'll bet that homemade icecream was really a hit. You had beautiful temperatures, although a little rain would still be very much appreciated!