Sunday, October 4, 2015

At the Forge by Amanda Mainguy

 Amanda Mainguy, a J school graduate student at MU, did a documentary project as part of her grade for her second semester 2015 on Osage Bluff Blacksmith.

Watch her story:  At the Forge

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Old retired guys and anyone who wants to take a vacation day hammer in

On July 30, at the Osage Bluff Blacksmith Shop we hosted a hammer in  called "The old retired guys and anyone who wants to take a vacation day". You see, it was a Thursday meeting!

There was a little tailgating going on.  Of course the grand daughter Lizzie was in on the dealing too.

 She seemed to always be in among the guys. Note safety glasses were a requirement.

This is the force behind most of the blacksmiths. Thank you Bob Stormer for organizing us for a great group picture. BAM wouldn't be what it is without these woman and many more.

It was good to see some old friends. Don Asbee, Bernard Tappel, (two of the twelve founding members of BAM), Sam Little (a brand new member) and Rich Kamp.

It was also good to make new friends. Stephanie was the only female blacksmith participating. 

Blacksmiths came from long distances too. Larry Lutz was from Iowa. We had 2 from Iowa, and 2 from Illinois.

Through out the day there was a gas forge and 3 coal forges going. Almost everyone worked on a project they brought along or demonstrated something for the group. 

 Seems there were some great conversations shared. . . Pat McCarty and Bob Alexander.

 Chris Owen, Mike Gentzsch, Ken Markley, and Preston Williams.

 Craig and Cory.

This would be the early bird prize!   It seems Tom Patterson arrived two weeks early . . . he had the date wrong.

 Lots of conversation . . . Don Asbee, Don Nichols, and Tom Patterson.

 Phil Cox, Terry Smith, John Viessman, "let's discuss this".

 The gas forges.

 Dan Wedemeyer.

Here is the group of BAM members that attended. We hosted almost 50 members and spouses!

Getting ready for lunch, ham, smoked turkey, deer sausage sandwiches with all the trimmings. 

My creative sister carved the BAM logo into a watermelon, added an anvil and hammer on top!

There was still parking for a few more cars. It was a beautiful day in the country. The first cool day after several scorching days.

Lunch is served.

If you are included in the pictures, thank you for coming.  If not, try to make it next time!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Colonial Lighting Class at John C. Campbell Folk School

We spent another great week (never mind all the rain) at the Folk school. The blacksmith class was on Colonial Lighting with instructor Jerry Darnell. Here are some of the week's highlights.

 The Clay Spencer Blacksmith Shop, at John C. Campbell Folk School.

 Smoke in the mountains, coming from the forges.

Watching my blacksmith from the second floor of the timber frame shop.

  Teacher Jerry Darnell of Mill Creek Forge, showing Bernie and Bob a technique.

Show and tell in the Keith House on Friday.

Bird cage candle holder
 Peerman light

Peerman light


Tommy light

Work light


4 candle chandelier

2 candle hanging light

It was a great group of guys, Shawn, Marty, Richard, Bernie, Mark, L.T., Bob and Jerry! Unfortunately, Greg couldn't be there for the group picture.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A few new items

If you're not a blacksmith then you won't understand this railroad spike made out of a Damascus knife (insert humor).

The blacksmith then got busy into making trivets. Some really cool trivets. Price ranges from $40 to $200.
This is his copy of an 18th century adjustable spit broiler. It is really really cool. You can have one too for $200.
This table was custom made for a customer. The guy brought out a similar table (not near as appealing) and a piece of granite at 9 Am one morning. By late afternoon, this was finished.

You bring a piece of granite and you can have a table too, for a price.

I can't wait to see what he will make next.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Busy, busy, busy

I was completely shocked to see that I haven't blogged here in almost a year. Shame on me.

The blacksmith has been so busy, and time just got away from me. Of course you can always catch up with him on Face Book too.

April 25th, three Master blacksmiths from the Missouri Folk Arts Traditional Arts Apprentice Program demonstrated at Lohman's landing, in Jefferson City Missouri.

 Bernard is set up and ready to demo.

 It was a great setting along the Missouri River and under some beautiful big trees.

 Bob Alexander and and his apprentice Mark prepare their forge.

Bernard and Pat McCarty do some double striking. It's always a crowd pleaser.

 The blacksmith even made the billboard!

Despite the off and on rain, it was still a fun afternoon, with a steady crowd.

KBIA radio interviewed the blacksmith several weeks prior. Here is a link to it. Click here

To find out more about this program click here: Missouri Folk Arts

Monday, July 21, 2014

BAM meeting July 2014, and what you can get for a dollar!

It was a beautiful day in Nettleton, Missouri, where Phil and Margie  hosted the July meeting. 

Phil and Margie's friend, Joni Loxterman baked some fantastic cakes for the lunch dessert, including this anvil cake. 

 There were demos by Phil himself.

Plenty of chairs were set up both inside and out for the 87 attendees.

Sheri and Bob (that's "Bob the Knife") were celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary. Way to go guys.  May God bless you all with many more.

Lunch was delicious, it included BBQ beef, Phil's famous baked beans, chips, and many desserts. 

 The trade item was a back scratcher. 

As usual "Iron in the Hat" draws a lot of attention. For a dollar you get a raffle ticket and drop it in the cup for the item of your choice. 

Karen even won Nathan Robertson's  100 Bradley trip hammer in the "Iron in the Hat" raffle. She was one happy girl!!

(Just kidding Nathan!)

Thank you Phil and Margie for a great day, great food, and genuine camaraderie.