Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Annual Knickmeyer Gathering

It was a gathering of some of the world's finest craftsmen. Most of them were master blade-smiths. The group was slow to gather starting on Monday. We left Wednesday morning but some were still coming in.

It was hosted by our friend Hank Knickmeyer and his lovely wife Bonita. Hank is a master of Damascus, especially knives. Bonita raises Jack Russell Terriers and Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. So there is never a shortage of some furry companions to pet.

 A small group gathers on the patio to discuss their works.

Daryl Meier and the blacksmith had a lot of catching up to do. We met Daryl many decades ago and would often see him and his works at the National Muzzle loading matches in Friendship Indiana. Check out his work at Meier Steel.

This is a piece Daryl carries in his pocket, a small sample of his Damascus work.

Grace Horne from Sheffield England, the first woman to be certified in the knife making field. She has only been making knives since 1994.

Here is a piece first worked up in wood. It's scissors with a folding knife on one blade.

This is a project of 10 different dressmaker shears. They are for cutting silk. Each one sells for $500.

This pair is headed to the Sheffield museum. That is gold in the center.

Outside the shop was always a good place to visit for a lot of conversation. . .   Lo, John, Nathan, . . .

. . . .more visiting.

John works with the huge Nazel hammer.

 Lo takes her turn.

 Daryl visits with David Oscarman about a technique.

This is a sample of David's work, pens, as in fountain pens. However he creates many other things that you can check out here. David Oscarman works. These pens are made using sterling silver and enameling them, the cost is in the $5000 range. 

The friends, both old and new, the food, the fellowship make for wonderful memories for years to come.

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Beverly Robertson said...

Great pictures of a memorable time!