Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The end of the year review.

It's been a great year. We added  a 3 day show that wasn't planned which turned out to be a big show. It was at the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association. 

This is a branding iron the blacksmith was asked to make for them. Next year they will be branding cedar shingles at their shingle mill.

Remember, the blacksmith likes most custom orders. This was my request from a few years ago. It's time now for me to request another one as this one is too full. I've also put in a request  for a table to hold some of my vintage sewing machines. There is also one request that is getting close to the top of his list, a fireplace screen for us.

Not often do you get to capture 3 blacksmiths in one photo.  This was at Arrow Rock Missouri this fall. Don Nichols on the left was demonstrating there. Margie and Phil Cox center, along with us on the right, were  there for the day and to celebrate their anniversary.

Denny Quinn is another blacksmith in our association. Here he was demonstrating at Deustch Country days in Marthasville. 

 Bob Stormer was also demonstrating in the primitive area of Deutsch country days. 

 Jeff  Goris was the tinsmith at the same event. His wares are beautiful. 

In November we hosted the Missouri Community Scholars Network. Someone in that group shared this picture of Bernie's shop.

 They also took a nice shot of his 50 lb Little Giant trip hammer

This is an adorable video I took out the front door, of Bernie and the grand daughter. She looks like such a natural driving the antique Farmall. It's is dated 1941, it belonged to her great-grandfather. He would be so proud of that little girl driving it.

This is the first of two deer the blacksmith harvested this year.

 He likes to do these European mounts. 

 This is rock hauling day. The grand kids look so eager to help.

To start the new year out, we always go to the Headache Hammer In at Washington, Missouri on January 1. This shrimp is one perk of attending! Yum, yum.

Dori and her Dad, Jon do a little forging on New Years Day. She is doing it in her grandfather's forge, Washington Forge.

Finally, I leave you with this cross candle holder he made. It was for a trade item at a bi-monthly meeting. 

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2016.

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