Sunday, November 4, 2012

BAM meeting at Phil's

The BAM group met at Phil's shop in Hamilton, Missouri for their November meeting. It was a great turnout.  Over 75 blacksmiths and spouses attended. The weather was beautiful and the hosts were fabulous. 

It was one of the biggest turn outs for the trade item exchange that we have ever had. It was to be a toasting fork, at least 18 inches long.

 Note the two that are standing on a base. 

See the one holding zucchinis.   Guess you have to be a blacksmith in this group to understand why. However today these two were a present for Phil's birthday, courtesy of Karen!

One of the first demonstrators was Ken showing how to use a fly press.

 While the blacksmiths were inside . . . 

  . . . the lunch ladies were outside. (Except for some of the ladies that escaped to Missouri Star quilt shop in town.)

Lunch was Phil's awesome baked beans, chips, grilled hot dogs, toast your own marshmallows,  and lots of desserts. There were 2 chocolate sheet cakes, 2 apple kuchen  and even a chocolate zucchini cake!

The line was long, but went went quickly.

This is why a toasting fork was needed. Roast your own lunch.

Here's our great host, Margie and Phil. He was actually getting some marshmallow off of her face . . .    Right Phil!

After lunch and the business meeting, my blacksmith demonstrated basic building and management of a coal fire in the forge, as there were several new smiths there. He also demonstrated chain making.

It was a awesome day, good weather, good friends, good fellowship, and even some good tail gating going on. Thanks Margie and Phil.


Marge said...

You guys have more fun than anyone I know! Wish I lived down by you!

Dar said...

What a fun event. I would have gone just to sample all the good food you mentioned. I love to eat, you know and outside over an open fire, it always tastes better. I think the 2 prong fork is the only way to go!!

Lise said...

I think everyone needs one of those toasting forks!

Karen said...

What Dar said!!...