Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Harper's auction

Saturday was auction day for the late Ed Harper's blacksmith shop. Many of the BAM members came to show their support to his wife and to add to their collections. 

This is a signed wine barrel, that Ed had won. It was a drawing at A & K Cooperage, when they hosted a BAM meeting. Ed even drew his own name out of the hat.

It is now in the hands of another BAM member. Congratulations Doug!

There was quite a collection of items. 

I spy 3 blacksmiths, Preston, Chris, and Bernie. These guys came before the sale date to help set up.

On Saturday the rains came, not what we needed.

Two more blacksmiths, Don and Doug waiting for what they were interested in to come up on the auction.

One blacksmith and his wife, Phil and Margie, go through the many boxes of items.

Ed was one terrific blacksmith. He will be missed.

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Flat Creek Farm said...

Weather didn't cooperate, but it was a nice Auction nonetheless! Great blog coverage, Patti! I seem to recognize a couple or three blacksmiths i know here ;) -Tammy