Sunday, April 7, 2013

Teaching a beginners class

The blacksmith taught a beginners class Saturday in Ham's Prairie  Nine students took part, which included 3 women, and two teen age boys. 

 Bernie shows Nicki a technique.

Thirteen year old Chad is very interested in the art.

 Husband Terry and wife Erin make a good team.

 Rosemary tries her hand at a hot bend.

 Many anvils all in a row. 

 Tom helps one of the teenagers. 

Nicki's son also took the class. 

 Mike shows Gary his way of doing it..

Another Mike shows Gary his way . . . 

It was a great day in the country. Thanks to Ned and Esther for hosting. Esther's lunch of red beans and rice was delicious. 

It was nice to see all take home something they had made. 

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