Monday, September 24, 2012

SOFA 2012 Conference

One of the first things we noticed when we arrived at the conference was a gathering of blacksmiths, a real crowd was collecting. 

When it was all over with 63 anvils were on display. The supplier was Yoder Blacksmith Supply Company of Fredericksburg Ohio. They told us that they left 14 more back at their shop.

A Columbian double horned anvil.

These anvils were brought by Steve of Matchless Antiques, perhaps you've seen his anvils on EBay.

Steve and my blacksmith posed for me. This was after we bought a gallon of the "best" apple cider from Steve.


 More tailgaters.

Still more tailgaters.

 Friday afternoon we went to downtown Tipp City. The blacksmith pointed out this iron work.

Saturday nights demonstration.

This hydraulic tire shrinker was sold on the auction for $290. My blacksmith had a similar one at one time but sold it to a good friend.

 Christopher Thomson was awesome to watch. Here is his web page.

 Susan Hutchison demonstrating.

David Robertson demonstrating.

If you missed the Ohio  conference this year, there's always next year. 

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