Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making deer sausage 2010

Well the grumpy old men (the blacksmith and Terry) made deer sausage this week.

The process actually started Friday when the venison and pork was ground and seasoned.

Here you see the son and oldest grandson helping in the stuffing process. This was done on Sunday afternoon.

Yes that is a gun on the counter! You never know when someone might come to steal your sausages.

Monday morning . . . 7 AM and darn foggy the smoking starts.

Bentley is inspecting the ash pan.

To smoke a 100 pounds as they were doing took about 10 hours.

I had to work so there aren't many "during" pictures.

As you can see the skies cleared up some time during the afternoon. BT is checking the temperatures of the sausages here.

This was pretty close to the end. The sausages need to reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

Sorry I have no pictures of the finished products. However if you go here you can see the finished one from last year.


Tipper said...

We should try making it too-looks like a good thing to do.

Sara said...

I wish I had some and a sleeve of crackers right about now.