Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Old Munichburg Oktoberfest is coming

Oktoberfest is September 25, 2010 on the south side of Jefferson City.
One of the old crafts being demonstrated will be blacksmithing.
Osage Bluff Blacksmith will be there!

Old Munichburg is Jefferson City, Missouri’s historic “South Side” neighborhood, and it’s well worth a visit! You’ll find first-class shopping, fine dining, lodging, and a big dose of German American hospitality!

Dating back to the nineteenth century, Old Munichburg is located within easy walking distance of the Missouri State Capitol and downtown Jefferson City—but once, it was connected to Jefferson City by a single bridge over Wears Creek. Settled by German immigrants escaping their homeland’s economic and political upheavals, the neighborhood was soon filled with unique brick homes, businesses, and churches.

Many of the early immigrants had come from the town of Münchberg, in Bavaria, and referred to their new home as “Münchberg” as well. Other Jefferson Citians overheard this term and misunderstood it as “Munichburg”—and the name stuck!

By the turn of the century, Munichburg had become a self-supporting community with its own fire department, inns, schools, and churches, its own dry goods, furniture, clothing hardware, and grocery stores—even its own brewery!

Old Munichburg offered the newly arrived German immigrant a place where he could learn American customs and practice his English among other Germans, become a proud citizen of the United States, and also know his children would grow up with an appreciation for their German heritage.

There will be gigs like this for sale.

Or a gnome on the range recipe holder.

Or a black snake. (Pun intended)


Or a beautiful hand forged fireplace set.

Pot racks and many other items will also be available.
We hope to see you there!!


Deanna said...

I might need one of those gnome recipe holders... we plan on being there!

Rural Rambler said...

How fun! We'll be there too! I think the little gnome would be very happy on my range :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

I'll take one of each.. ha! Great items, great pics. -T