Sunday, January 23, 2011

BAM January 2011 Meeting @ John Murray's

It was a cold day in New Melle Saturday, however that plus 8 inches of snow did not keep the blacksmiths away. There was a very good turn out at John's place. His shop was full of members wanting to see the demonstrators. Pat McCarty demonstrated leaf making and then forged a crow bar. Host John forged a 30 lb. hammer using his air hammer.

A wonderful lunch of whole roast hog was served. A local meat market had started the cooking process 19 hours earlier. Here Hank and Scott start the carving. The meat was so tender, moist, and delicious.
This is what a line of hungry blacksmiths look like.

Trade items were bottle openers. These were made by Stan Brinkmann, Ken Jansen, and Bob Alexander.

A rather unique belt buckle/bottle opener forged by Pat McCarty.

Walt Hull's opener.

Mark Clifford made his from a railroad spike.

Osage Bluff blacksmith won this one made by Doug Clemmons.
Thank you John, Lisa, and Roland for hosting. I don't think anyone can top your lunch!


in said...

You need to post more! I always enjoy reading about what you are working on. My great grandfather was a blacksmith and even though I quilt I would love to take lessons. Great openers!

Sara said...

I can almost taste that piggie!! And she was quite attractive with the lei and apple :)
Well, great! Now I'm craving pork LOL!

(I'm thinking the person wearing that belt buckle would be awfully popular at parties)

Deanna said...

Those bottle openers look wicked!

It sounds like a mighty fun day.
We did the whole pig roast thing once - burying it and the whole nine yards. Talk about work! Having the local meat market (Webers?) cook it for 19 hours ahead of time is a whole lot smarter!