Monday, May 2, 2011

BAM conference 2011

We traveled to Sedalia on Thursday, March 28th for the 4 day conference of the Blacksmiths Association of Missouri.  After the setup was completed, Osage Bluff Blacksmith was asked to demonstrate the making of a fish gig.

Later that evening, Roger Degner gave a demonstration of how to make a mokume gane bar. He has turned them into really nice bracelets.

Here it takes two to hold and press the coins together.

After the coins are heated they stick together and can be taken out of the holding bars.

I asked this smith if I could photograph his tatoo. He was tickled that I asked. He told me he will be the 5th generation of the See boys to be a blacksmith. I could live with this on my smith, if only his biceps looked like that. (Sorry dear)

There  were competitions to be judged. The smiths were given a bar and a time limit to make a water bearing vessel. The item that held the most liquid won. Here Bob Alexander and Osage Bluff Blacksmith clown around while looking over the spoons.

There are small groups around, all discussing different things. The sign behind them says "keep off roof", seems it said nothing about keeping off a milling machine.

So, if you see one of these trailer going down the highway, follow it. It could lead you to a great hammer in.

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Deanna said...

That was one serious tattoo!

It sounds like a great way to network and learn new techniques.

I still want your red coffee pot ;)