Monday, March 19, 2012

The BAM meeting was held March 17, at Hank Knickmeyer's shop in Cedar Hill.  Hank is a world famous maker of knives and pattern welded steel.  His demo for the day was "canned" damascus.  John Murray also demoed his hammer making technique.

The trade item for this meeting was a "multipurpose tool". 

Spork by Steven eikerman.

Hammer/tack puller by Pat McCarty.

Twisting wrench, many sizes to choose from.

OSB made a pair of tongs.  Not only would it hold various sizes of stock, it will open your beer or your wine bottles.

Muzzle loader shooters will recognize this tool, a pick/screw driver/flint knapper.  Made by Bob Triphohn

Bob Stormer made a knife with a bottle opener on the back side.  It was made from a horseshoe. 

George Rousis made a key ring from old wrought iron that featured three sizes of drilled holes, a bottle opener and a screw driver.  OSB was very happy to be the recipient of this item.

A lot of conversing (BS) goes on at these meetings. 

It was a beautiful sunny day, that is until just as we finished lunch. The sky opened up and it poured then!

A great meeting, Thanks Hank and Bonita!

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