Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BAM conference 2012

Let me take you on a walk through the conference this year.

Allen from Astragal Press always brings the best books.  The books are of interest to everyone, from blacksmiths, bee keepers, wood workers, antique tool collectors, to quilters like me!  This time he told me that he found me through my blog.  Come to find out, his wife is a quilter!  I won a book and an Astragal Press T-shirt in the iron in the hat drawing! Here's a cool video I found of Astragal Press on U tube.

Walt Hull and Bob Ehrenberger forging.

You can buy homemade soap from Phil!

There is always an informal gathering going on somewhere.

Iron in the hat run by Karen is always a big hit.

A tribute to Lou Mueller.

Men (specifically George in this case) in kilts is always a 'good thing'!

An auction item I didn't win.

My blacksmith made this pipe tomahawk from an old wrought iron gun barrel for the gallery.

A Doug Hendrickson frying pan (Peola Valley Forge). It was sold later at the auction.

Meat skewers made by Jim Ratliff.

Iron antlers made by Burton Mannell.

Impression of an Impressionist by Smyth Boone, one of the demonstrators this year.

Fireplace tools made by Marty Finley.

Cattails made by the late Ed Harper, bird bath added by Nancy Gentzsch.

BAM trunk made by Pat McCarty.  Once again sold at the auction bringing a great donation.

Copper boxes by Don Neuenschwander.

Awesome forging done by the late great Joe Wilkinson.

Another item by Joe.

Cattails by Don Nichols.

Dipper and anvil made by Phil Cox (also known as the "Master Bean Chef").

It was another great conference!!!

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