Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One lucky blacksmith

We just got back from a long trip.  Our first stop was the Saltfork Craftsman Artist-Blacksmith Association Conference in Perry, Oklahoma. 

This was our third year of attending. This time I bought one ticket (ONE for $2.00) for their much coveted tool box raffle.  I did not tell my blacksmith that I had purchased the ticket. I purchased it about 5 PM and then we left for dinner. The raffle drawing was at the beginning of their fundraiser auction about 7 PM. 

I did not have internet connection that night, or I would have seen on Facebook that I had won. 

On Sunday morning we arrived back at the conference. Shortly after arriving I received a phone call from Diana Davis telling me I had won!

It's a beautiful box!  It was loaded with some awesome tools. So I generously gave the tools to my blacksmith. I think the tool box is mine!  I can see quilt fabric, magazines, books, and so much more in there! 

The demonstrator was the talented Clay Spencer. 

Just look at the next few pictures to see how talented he is!

 (This chest is small, about 6 inches long, 4-5 inches tall.)

The base of a table lamp.

 Grill work.

A beautiful door knocker. 

As usual it was a great conference!

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JerryC said...

Some folks have all the luck. :-)
Amazing examples of master craftsmanship.