Monday, July 21, 2014

BAM meeting July 2014, and what you can get for a dollar!

It was a beautiful day in Nettleton, Missouri, where Phil and Margie  hosted the July meeting. 

Phil and Margie's friend, Joni Loxterman baked some fantastic cakes for the lunch dessert, including this anvil cake. 

 There were demos by Phil himself.

Plenty of chairs were set up both inside and out for the 87 attendees.

Sheri and Bob (that's "Bob the Knife") were celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary. Way to go guys.  May God bless you all with many more.

Lunch was delicious, it included BBQ beef, Phil's famous baked beans, chips, and many desserts. 

 The trade item was a back scratcher. 

As usual "Iron in the Hat" draws a lot of attention. For a dollar you get a raffle ticket and drop it in the cup for the item of your choice. 

Karen even won Nathan Robertson's  100 Bradley trip hammer in the "Iron in the Hat" raffle. She was one happy girl!!

(Just kidding Nathan!)

Thank you Phil and Margie for a great day, great food, and genuine camaraderie.

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