Friday, February 26, 2010

The blacksmith enjoys Mom's pies

Brother Pat enjoys his blackberry pie with half a carton of ice cream.
The Blacksmith enjoys his 2 pieces of Blackberry pie with black coffee.

To read more about the pies go to Osagebluffquilter.

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Deanna said...

Those pies look scrumptious.

It is indeed a small world. Hubby, Jim, is the guy who asked you about ice fishing at the Chamois funeral home.

He was reading your blog and noticed your timber framed home. My brother and his son used to work for Wood Henge (sp?). We are wondering if they helped build your beautiful home.

He used to be a member of the Osage Bluff 4H Club many, many years ago. So it really is a small world. We are enjoying your blog.

Deanna and Jim