Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fur buying session

February is always the month for the annual fur buying session in this part of the country.

Mr. Miller, the buyer is showing the girls how to grade the hide. He loves to teach the kids this art.

A pile of raccoon hides that have just been graded and sorted.

Elizabeth says, "Hey Grandma is even here with her camera!"

The blacksmith showed the son his new friction folder knives. For some reason, the blacksmith came home with one less knife after this picture was taken.

In this photo you can see a red fox and two bob cats.

The son and grand daughter.

Jerry and his grandson Matthew

Mr. Miller sorting beaver hides

More sorting and grading of the hides.

This is Paul. He is the grandfather of all these young men. Not really but they all look up to him, as if he were. The sale is always held in his shed. Dinner and drinks are provided. He also hosts trapping camp for the guys. You can't find a better mentor to all the younger men and their children.


Sara said...

I just don't have words to express how heartwarming it is to know that we both have blog posts about the fur traders.
What are you guys get for raccoons this year? Not too much out our way.
And do you flesh and stretch, or sell them as is?

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

My daughter's FIL is a trapper. Wonder if you all know him???