Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blacksmithing at John C. Campbell Folk School

We spent the last two weeks at John C. Campbell folk school.  

What an amazing two weeks it was. 

This is the newest part of the shop built 4 years ago. 

Jerry Darnell of Mill Creek Forge taught an 18th century pipe smoking accessories class the first week that we were there. 

Here are the items that my blacksmith made. 

A good shot of him hard at work. 

Bob Alexander, a fellow Missouri blacksmith, works at one of the 14 forges in this beautiful building. 

The shop was a timber frame project made on site. I love the anvils carved into the beams. 

The Paul Garrett tool room. If it's not there, you probably don't need it. 

 This shot shows several smiths hard at work. 

Week number 2 was taught by Bob Alexander, with my blacksmith being the assistant instructor. It had 6 women and 6 men, some of whom had never even started a fire before.  The class was titled "Flowers in Metal".  Everyone started by making tulips. From there it was pretty open, from day lilies, cattails, daffodils, irises, even a trillium!

Show and tell at the end of the week showcased their work. The instuctors worked extra hard with such a big class, but I bet they are ready to go back in a heart beat.


Nancy said...

So did you take a class? We get the catalogue every year and drool over it. Would love to go!!

Lise said...

Thanks for posting the pics from show and tell, I really like how the students flowers turned out!

Jean said...

This looks like fun. I suppose to do this you have to collect iron? hmmmmm.....Are you a blacksmith as well?

JerryC said...

Nice! Wish I had a talent like that. I've been trying to talk Wanda and he dulcimer playing friends into attending a workshop there just so I could go along and see all the wonderful craftsmen and women at work.

Colleen said...

Taking a blacksmith class at the JCC Folk School is on my dream list! When I read you were going to be teaching there I was disappointed I could do it then! Someday...

ByLightOfMoon said...

I love that you came to the Folk School here in NC. I saw you from Jackie's post at "Carolina Crafting"

I grew up in Springfield, MO. but nowlive in Warne, not far from Jackie and the school!

Hope you return soon!
Smiles, Cyndi

Deanna said...

I think it is cool that BT was an assistant instructor. The title of the class is marvelous!!!!