Saturday, July 20, 2013

July BAM meeting at Malta Bend

The July BAM meeting was held in Malta Bend on July 13th, at Doug Clemons shop.

We arrived the evening before and helped with a few last minute details. Doug already had his shop ready to go, including lots of coolers full of ice cold drinks for the expected heat wave.

 The chairs filled up early. Total attendance was over 60.

Bernie was the demonstrator. He demoed 18th century pipe tongs, for lighting clay pipes and an 18th century skewer holder and skewer set.  Here "Striker Bob" helps Bernie out. No wait, that is "Bobby Bob"!

Don Nichols showcases his flowers with his jar vase holder.

The trade item was a camp fire poker. 

Nancy and Doug served pulled pork from Smith's Food Bank in Slater Missouri. Yum, Yum!!!

 Lunch was enjoyed by all.

After lunch, blacksmith/sewing machine repair man extraordinaire Phil worked on Osage Bluff Quilter's vintage Elna machine.

 Also after lunch, the business meeting was held.

Ned Digh presented Mike Gentzsch and Ken Jansen with the golden screw award. They had both recently received bodily injures through "interesting" circumstances and survived. 

After the meeting Phil demonstrated his refurbished, rebuilt Singer leather sewing machine. He forged all the iron work for the table and added a wooden top. 

BAM meetings are always such a great time; good fellowship, good food, and good friends.  

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JerryC said...

Very interesting. Who would ever put together a blacksmith and sewing machine repairman. Life is full of surprises.:-)